Stripe is one of the popular online payment receiving platforms used by millions of small businesses. nowadays people running online businesses, for example, Digital services, Online Stores, and Dropshipping, etc when it comes to getting online payment for your business, Stripe has a great payment provider app, but it falls short in some areas.

Stripe is limited to around 39 countries and is limited when considering personalization. But don’t worry, we are picking the top stripe alternatives that work in Europe, Australia, the UK, the US, and all other parts of the world.

Stripe Alternatives

I have selected the 12 best Stripe alternatives that you can use to get paid online for your website that has more features and functions with affordable fees.

  • List of Stripe Alternatives:
  • 2Checkout
  • Transferwise
  • Checkout
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Payments
  • Razorpay
  • Square
  • Authorize
  • Melio
  • WorldPay
  • Dwolla
  • Cerdinity


2Checkout is the biggest stripe alternatives on the internet. Small businesses looking for global reach can consider 2Checkout. It works best for a company with an international focus that doesn’t want to do a lot of coding. One of the best Stripe’s main alternatives and competitors, 2Checkout works well as a payment gateway for a business account.

A business can receive online credit card payments from around the world with a system that is well suited to multiple currencies, languages, and payment methods. If doing your business online requires dozen of payments, this is a great choice.


1. Ease of use with the PCI data security standard.
2. Integration enables a single platform with multiple uses.
3.Comprehensive admin panel with many payment options.

1. Cannot process card-present transactions.
2. Extensive approval system with lots of documentation
3. WooCommerce integration issues.

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Transferwise is a global payment provider with attractive interest rates in the mid-market range that are reasonable for both the consumer and the seller. Full transparency in finances is a mission that Transferwise has taken on and the service is straightforward with no hidden payments. Whether it’s bankruptcy or fraudulent activity, customer information will always be protected. The security of Transferwise has been verified by the responsible establishments in each country served and the application is very fast. The price is 0.37% + 0.26 GBP.



1. Suitable for international companies with multi-currency accounts.
2. Extremely safe.


1. No support for integrations.


Checkout is feature-rich and offers full location customization. It is used by brands like Adidas, Samsung, Zomato, etc. World-class machine learning and sophisticated artificial intelligence mitigate fraudulent activity and protect against malicious actors, not to mention that the technology responds in real-time. Checkout supports common payment methods and the service manages PCI compliance so you can customize the integrated payment portals. The price is available by contact.



1. No account maintenance or surprise fees.
2. The support team provides valuable onboarding advice.
3 Global reach.


1. Mobile optimization may require fine-tuning.


Paypal is one of the best Stripe alternatives that accept payments all over the world. Possibly the most popular service on this list, PayPal is reliable and available in almost every country, improving global visibility. For B2B and e-commerce businesses, you can use PayPal to receive information based on customer data for more personalized service and optimized advertising on your site. PayPal is highly customizable for both the seller and the buyer, it is easy to use and its resolution center can even resolve the unusual dispute. The price is 2.9% with an additional transaction fee of $ 0.3.



1. Strengthen relationships with consumers.
2 Use a global network to interact with new customers.
3. Various utilities to handle mundane but crucial tasks.
4. Instant money transfer.


1. Seller protection is very limited.
2. Customer service regarding phone service is inconsistent.

Amazon Payments

Amazon’s global reach is unmatched by the reach of most of the services on this list. Amazon Payments is perfect for a global business, and its location-based capabilities even allow users to set up payments in regional currency. The enhanced security management features in Amazon Pay ensure a secure payment experience. The service is developer-friendly, so it can be seamlessly added to a website. Amazon Pay uses AI to detect fraudulent activity and the app is optimized for mobile devices. The price is 1.95% + applicable taxes.



1. Worldwide distribution.
2. Next Generation Fraud Detection.
3. Accessibility to many development tools.
4. Facilitates the management of your subscriptions.


1. It does not support multiple payment methods.


Razorpay is ideal for any Indian looking to build a globalized e-commerce platform. It supports facilitates better conversions, less code for easier integration and recurring billing. Razorpay can work alongside major well-documented SDKs, APIs, and plugins. Users have access to statistics and information in real-time, which can provide them with information to help their business grow. All major international cards are supported and Razorpay supports 92 currencies. The price is 2% for Indian cards, wallets, or UPI and 3% for international cards.



1. Unique and intuitive interface.
2. Available in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Australia, South Asia, and the United Arab Emirates.
3. Simple integration.
4. Manage offers and loyalty programs with one click.


1. TDR’s payment rates are slightly higher than other providers.


As Stripe’s main competitor, Square is a versatile app for small and medium-sized businesses. In terms of functions, it is close to striping, but its POS payment services are much better than a stripe. Fraud detection tools work seamlessly, and Square is working in concert with a growing number of third-party apps. Square even helps users find the best solutions to help their business grow, and its free website builder can create a professional website in minutes. The price is 2.9% + $ 0.3 per processing.



1. Customer data, sales, inventory, etc. are all in sync.
2. Ideal for in-person and contactless payments.
3. Square’s sales team provides support and assistance.
4. Instant payment and fast ACH transfer.


1. Only process mobile wallet and credit card transactions.
2. There isn’t much global reach other than the US, UK, and Australia.


Authorize services have been in use for 2 decades and have simply simplified the transaction process. With Authorize, creating a BUY NOW payment button has never been easier and all you need to do is customize it, copy the HTML code, and paste it into your website. Integration of the solution is straightforward, and Authorize has several resources that can help developers choose the right options for their business. The service is suitable for professionals on tight budgets. The price is $ 0.10 per transaction with a monthly fee of $ 25.



1. Risk detection and authorization tools protect customer data.
2. Billing is automated for returning consumers.
3. Supports virtual point of sale at no additional cost.


1. It does not have a global reach and is only available in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
2. It does not deal with commercial accounts.


Melio is another popular online payment receiving app that helps businesses pay invoices from contractors, vendors, vendors, etc. Whether it’s recurring or upfront payments, Melio reduces the entire process to a few clicks. Transactions through Melio are fast and most payments will be posted to your account within 1-3 days. The app sends notifications to make sure users are aware of their scheduled and processed payments. They integrate solutions that streamline accounting and customers can pay free of cost invoices if they select to go with Bank transfer. The price of credit cards is 2.9%.



1. Pay by bank transfer or credit card, and the recipient receives the payment on their way.
2. Improve record-keeping by adding paid invoices to the platform and collocate them alongside regular Melio invoices.
3. Intuitive interface


1. Available only in the United States.
It only accepts credit cards and bank transfers as payment methods.


The UK’s largest payment provider, WorldPay, is used by more than 250,000 SMEs. They have 25 years of payment processing experience and have implemented data compliance seamlessly to ensure that sensitive card data is securely stored on the server. WorldPay’s payment models are customizable, support many payment methods, and transactions can be made in 120 different currencies. Payments are fast, and your energy system can process millions of simultaneous transactions in one second. The price is 2.75% + 20p.



1. Simple subscription management.
Ideal for UK companies.
2. Supports recurring billing and point of sale.


1. Chargebacks are not allowed.


Dwolla is the cheapest alternative to Stripe in the United States. The service works with all US banks and unions, and users can customize a transactional experience to suit their needs. Dwolla uses tokenization to transmit sensitive customer data and streamline payments by implementing same-day ACH hours. Users have access to various tools at no additional cost and Dwolla supports digital wallet operations. It’s easy to develop, adds effortless integrations, and maintains a consistent brand experience. The price is 0.5% + $ 0.5, with no hidden charges.



1. No additional monthly fees.
2. Personalized notifications for customers.
3. Chat support and fraud prevention.
4. Superior documentation and allows electronic transfers in both directions.


1. No global reach.
2. Credit cards cannot be added as an alternative source of funding.


For businesses based in Europe, Cardinity is perfect. It shares several features with Stripe, such as its unified functionality, included payment solutions, and it also offers merchant accounts for better online account control. Unlike Stripe, it’s cheaper and doesn’t require a monthly or annual maintenance fee. Cardinity allows you to use development tools at no additional cost, and its security features meet the highest cybersecurity standards. The service provider accepts all major currencies and no third-party payment is required. The price is 1.35% + 0.25 euros.



1. Remarkable worldwide distribution.
2. Fraud detection utilities and good subscription management.
3. Supports recurring billing and easy integration.


1. Unsatisfactory customer service.


Who are the top Stripe Alternatives?

There are not many for example 2Checkout, PayPal and Authorize are leading Stripe Alternatives.

Who are the major Stripe Alternatives in United States?

Square and PayPal are the major Stripe Alternatives in United States.

Which is cheaper then stripe?

Cerdinity and Dwolla are the cheapest Stripe Alternatives in all of them.