If you are running a business and want to register a trademark for your company to protect your brand’s name, logo, phrase, or slogan. This guide discusses the 5 Best Trademark Registration Services that will help your business in Trademark Registration.

What is Trademark

A symbol, phrase, slogan, or logo is legally established or registered by use as serving a product or company. 

A trademark is how a business helps people identify the company’s products from products offered by another business. A trademark can be a symbol, phrase, slogan, or logo. It can only be used on items provided by the company that owns the mark.

Trademark Registration Services

Purpose of a Trademark

The primary purpose of a trademark is to avoid unfair conflict between businesses that make consumers difficulty to get more business. For example, if a specific restaurant used the word “KFC” in shape as a logo. The “KFC” is a trademark of this restaurant so that any company cannot be able to use it as a symbol or logo in the future.

The two primary purposes of a trademark:

  • A trademark helps peoples differentiate between companies.
  • A trademark protects the company’s investment and reliability.

Importance of trademark

Trademark is having much importance for your business. Nowadays, trademarks have a significant influence on a company. Trademark is one of the effective ways of changing your business into a brand. Trademarks are also having a considerable impact on Consumers’ buying decisions. Entrepreneurs need to understand the value and importance of having a trademark. The top reasons behind the importance of trademark are as following:

  • Trademarks can convey rational and emotional information about your business.
  • When someone is looking for your products and services, he enters your brand name in Google or Social Media Platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Brands can encourage positive emotions among people. For that reason, job opportunities are more attractive to applicants.
  • Nowadays, markets have a lot of competition, so it is challenging for people to distinguish between companies. Trademark helps people find your brand.
  • Pepsi was first registered in 1896 as similar to Mercedes in 1900, which means your trademark can not expire as long as your business is active in the United States.
Register Your Trademark

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Trademark?

Now you are well aware of the importance of Trademark Registration services you can select. The United States Patent and trademark office charges as low as $275 to register a trademark for your business, only some hundred dollars after five years, and a few hundred dollars every ten years.

Best Trademark Registration Services

Some of the Best Trademark Registration Services which are most popular for Trademark Registration are discussed in this guide.

  • LegalZoom
  • My Corporation
  • Trademark Factory
  • Trademark Center
  • RocketLawyer


LegalZoom is well-known for its incorporation services, which is the reason why they are in this article. LegalZoom is also one of the most famous services and has served over 4 million customers over the years.

LegalZoom’s trademark registration method is straightforward. Begin by filling out their simple online application and if you have a business logo, send them a photo of your company logo. There is no additional charge for asking them to perform a logo search.

In the next step, LegalZoom will perform a search to discover a dispute with other established brands. If there is no dispute in your trademark, you will need to fill your trademark paperwork. 

LegalZoom allows two primary packages for their Trademark Registration services:

  • LegalZoom offers their Basic package at the cost of $199, which includes logo images quality review, filing your completed application, and email delivery of your application with the United States Patent and trademark office.
  • LegalZoom offers their Complete package at the cost of $219, which includes everything you got in a basic package. In addition, you get a Trademark Assignment Agreement because if you need to transfer rights/ownership for any reason in the future, it also includes a digital copy of your application with LegalZoom’s Business Advisory Plan with 1 month of a free trial.
legal zoom


MyCorporation is a popular US Incorporation Services provider for businesses. They offer standard services such as new business creation, continuous compliance assistance, registered agent services, etc. As well as Trademark Registration Services. They provide inclusive business services. MyCorporation is one of the best Trademark Registration Services for small businesses.

When we talk about trademark registration services, you will get the three primary categories offered by My Corporation:

  • Trademark Registration: filling your application with the United States Patent and trademark office reason to protect your company name, symbol, phrase, slogan, or logo.
  • Trademark Search: It will ensure you that no existing trademark is registered. It shows that your trademark is unique.

Overall, MyCorporation charges $199 with filing fees to register a trademark, $249 to perform a trademark search, and they charge $175 to protect your brand for a year. If you need some extra services like searching for a logo, you should pay more.


Trademark Center

Trademark Center has enjoyed an excellent experience for over 20 years. As an authorized business with an excellent rating, these trademark registration services give a wide range of choices for your business. Trademark search and registration and even international trademark registration are included in Trademark Center services. 

How much is Trademark Center priced for its services? 

Trademark Center Registration services:

  • Trademark Center offers its Standard package with filling fees at the cost of $300.
  • Trademark Center charged $495 for their Premium package.

Trademark Center Search services: 

  • Trademark Center charged $295 for US Extensive Full Availability Search.
  • Trademark Center charged $395 for US/Canada Full Availability Search.
  • Trademark Center charged $400 for Design Logo Search.
  • Trademark Center charged $450 for European Community Search.

Trademark Center Watch services:

  • Trademark Center charged $150 annually for US Federal, including monthly reports.
  • Trademark Center charged $200 annually for US Federal/State, including monthly reports.
  • Trademark Center charged $300 annually Worldwide, including monthly reports.

Trademark Center provides invaluable services precisely what you want. They offer a 100% refund guarantee. Trademark Center also offers excellent customer services.

Trademark Center


RocketLawyer has served more than 20 million people to Incorporate their companies in the united states. RocketLawyer offers a 7-days free trial. RocketLawyer charges $39.99 for a month.

If we come to Trademark Registration, they offer invaluable trademark registration services. When it comes to Trademark Registration, RocketLawyer does not provide much individual support.

While we are delighted with Rocket Lawyers, give the ordinary person access to legal documents at affordable prices without spending the high expenses by a lawyer. As we talk about technical issues, RocketLawyer doesn’t seem very helpful.

Trademark Factory

Trademark Factory is a young Trademark Registration service as compared to its competitors. Trademark Factory gives a complete and free brand search on all their plans. You will also get a 100% money-back guarantee on their 2 premium plans. If you are informed that your trademark can be registered but is denied for any reason, you will get your money as a refund.

We appreciated that even on the page where you enter your business information, a pop-up appears that explains how it works and gives you (again) the ability to “talk to a real person first.” It’s not a hard sell – Trademark Factory wants you to understand the process and your options, with no tricks or bait and trade techniques.

The most appreciated feature of these trademark registration services is their comprehensive, inexpensive fee. Trademark Factory offers three plans are following:

  • Trademark Factory charged $1995 for their “I Feel Lucky” Package, which includes weekly monitoring or defense of your trademark in any opposition procedure but no money-back guarantee.
  • Trademark Factory charged $2995 for their “All-Inclusive” package, including unlimited follow-up correspondence with a money-back guarantee.
  • Trademark Factory charged $5995 for their “Ultimate” package, which includes all of the features have in the All-Inclusive plan in addition protection of your trademark.
Trademark Factory