There are many benefits to form an LLC in Delaware because the State of Delaware is well known for its business entities. Forming an LLC is not a piece of cake, but don’t worry, MICAHGURU services help create an LLC in 7 working days.

Before 1991, the formation of LLC was not allowed in Delaware. But after the act of Limited Liability Company Act, Delaware offered the best asset protection and tax advantages than many other states.

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Form an LLC in Delaware

Advantages of LLC Forming in Delaware

  1. The Delaware LLC is easy to form and highly secure.
  2. Delaware LLC provides you with flexible taxation options.
  3. Delaware LLC offers the best-known business laws in the United States.
  4. You don’t require a business license to form LLC in Delaware.
  5. For creating LLC in Delaware, you need to do a few formalities; that’s why Delaware LLC is best for small businesses.
  6. Delaware does not have a sales tax on goods and services.

Can I form an LLC in Delaware as a Non-resident?

A simple answer is YES; you can form an LLC in Delaware as a Non-resident. You do not need to live in Delaware for forming an LLC in Delaware; you can create and operate an LLC in Delaware from anywhere.

How to Form an LLC in Delaware

Follow the step-by-step guide below to form a Delaware LLC and start your business in the United States.

Purchase a Mailing Address

Simply, you must have a mailing address to form an LLC in Delaware. If you live in Delaware, you merely use your home address; otherwise, you have to purchase a mailing address. Many companies provide mailing address services, personally, I recommend PostScan Mail and Anytime Mailbox.

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Name your LLC

The next step to form an LLC in Delaware is to select the name of your LLC. The name of your LLC is essential in obtaining an EIN and opening a bank account in the U.S. for your business. There are a few guidelines to follow when you are about to name your company:

The company name must include the term-limited liability company or the abbreviations LLC / L.L.C.

Specific terminologies like FBI, State Department, etc. they can mistake your LLC for the government agency. The use of such terms is forbidden.

The use of restricted words like University, Lawyer, and Banks requires additional documents and an authorized person.

Hire a Registered Agent

Registered agents receive all official mail and processing services on behalf of their Delaware business. To keep your Delaware business in good standing, you must maintain a registered agent in Delaware, which we do for $ 99 per year. 

They are required by law and must maintain a physical address and maintain regular opening hours. Since you do not live in the United States, these are requirements that you cannot meet.

I recommend our services Micahguru Registered Agent Services. For this service, we charge $99 per year, which is comprehensively cheap and more valuable than others.

File a Certificate of Formation

In this step of forming an LLC in Delaware, you have to file the Certificate of Formation with the Department of State, which cost $90.

The Certificate of Formation must include:

  • Name of your LLC.
  • Name and Address of the Registered Agent of your LLC.
  • Signature of an Authorized Person.

Prepare an Operating Agreement

Having an Operating Agreement is not necessary to form an LLC in Delaware, but it is highly recommended. An Operating Agreement is set out the rights and responsibilities of the members and managers of an LLC. If you do not have an Operating Agreement, state LLC law will govern the operation of your LLC.

Obtain an EIN

The next step to form an LLC in Delaware is to file and pay taxes in the United States; your business must obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). 

Once the State of Delaware has verified that your Articles of Incorporation (for Delaware LLCs) or Articles of Incorporation (for Delaware corporations) have been processed, you can apply for an EIN by completing Form SS-4 with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). There is no filing fee.

The IRS accepts EIN requests online, by phone, or by mail. The form is one page and comes with lots of instructions.

The Bottom-line

In this in-depth guide, You will know How to Form an LLC in Delaware. It is not very easy to form an LLC if you are unaware of the process. You can avail of our services for Forming an LLC in Delaware.

Summary of Forming LLC in Delaware

  1. Purchase a Mailing Address
  2. Select the Name of your LLC
  3. Hire a Registered Agent
  4. File a Certificate of Formation
  5. Prepare an Operating Agreement
  6. Get an EIN

I hope this guide will find beneficial for you😊.