How to get a 100% Cheap US Business Address

How To Get A USA Virtual Address

Written by Hasham Usman

August 12, 2021

Before USA company formation you need to buy a US business address. When your clients and customers see that your company has a professional local mailing address, it improves the organization’s image and credibility. The US business address enables an organization to make an initial inroad into a new market or sustain a current endeavor. An American US business address may also be required for marketing purposes and government paperwork, EIN, ITIN, and opening a U.S. bank account.

One potential option is to get a post office box from the U.S. Postal Service, a USPS-approved vendor, or a private mailbox offered by an office supply store or a parcel delivery company. The cost will vary based on the location and size of the mailbox. The average price is $20

PostScan Mail offers a US business address is one of the most recommend virtual mailbox services that allow you to access your mail 24/7. It is a virtual mailbox service that provides you the comfort of viewing and organizing your postal mail online. PostScan Mail maintains a nationwide network of over 400 virtual business addresses that you can use to collect your mail and packages.

PostScan Mail has a customer rating of 4.8 stars from 3000 plus reviews, revealing that maximum customers of PostScan Mail usually are satisfied with their services. Customers satisfied with PostScan Mail most of the time mention US business addresses and customer service. PostScan Mail is ranked 35th among mail forwarding services on the internet.

Top 10 US Business Address and Virtual Mailbox Services Providers

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Postscan Mail

PostScan Mail Features

PostScan Mail has the most powerful features and functions to help you in your mail management. Some of are following:

Virtual mailbox

With a US business address, you can get an advantage from less paperwork. This means that you have complete control over all mail deliveries. If you are away from the office, you can still check and manage your mail from any remote location. Whenever PostScan Mail notifies you of any mail or packages you have received, you can review each one and decide what to do next.

Mail analysis

This is considered one of PostScan Mail’s best features, as it scans your mail and delivers the content to you directly through digital methods. It displays the sender and the address in a model, which means you don’t have to view the mail you took physically. You don’t have to worry about sizeable online mail leaks because PostScan Mail guarantees your privacy.

Mail forwarding
With this feature, you don’t have to overthink about receiving spam. Only you can choose which email you want, where you want it delivered and when you want it delivered. Just apply this crucial information to your PostScan Mail settings, and the platform will make sure your mail gets to the right places.

Mail storage

While the first 30 days of your account, you have free storage space for your mail. However, after the free trial ends and you need a place to store your mail, you can pay a monthly fee to PostScan Mail. This ensures that all of your important documents are organized and kept in a central location.

Shredding and recycling

What it does is shred essential documents that you don’t want the wrong hands to end up on. This includes financial statements, personal documents, and confidential letters. By shredding these papers, you avoid the possibility of identity theft.

Mail archiving

Mail Archive is an automatic feature that stores scanned images of envelopes, documents, and documents in your account. You can check what you have stored while your account is active. PostScan Mail also offers organizational features, such as sorting them by function, attaching them to emails, or downloading them to your device.

Multiple users

With PostScan, you can add more users, provided they have received a user name and password. It helps organizations or businesses with multiple users.

Automatic filters

With automatic filters, you can ask for automated operations that will cover all activities like recycling, transferring and scanning, shredding for you.

PostScan Mail Pricing

When we talk about PostScan Mail pricing packages, it should be seen that you can pick from the primary three billing addresses. These US business addresses are based on three plans direct, preferred, and prestigious. Prices vary depending on the area you choose.

PostScan Mail guarantees that it will manage all mail and parcel deliveries for you on all rate plans. To do this, it uses the top features of Starter, Standard, and Premium, which are the three price plans given.

Features include open and scan, mail forwarding, mail shredding, mail recycling, mail consolidation, users and recipients, digital and physical mail storage.

On this basis, here are the three US business address price packages:


This plan receives 30 parcels from both emails and packages both. In this plan, you can open and scans up to five items.

Here are the starting prices for the various addresses:

Basic – $ 9.95 per month
Preferred – $ 14.95 per month
Prestigious – $ 19.95 per month


In Standard, you can receive 60 items both by courier and parcel, with the ability to open and scan up to 10 items.

The standard prices for various addresses are:

Basic – $ 14.95 per month
Preferred – $ 19.95 per month
Prestigious – $ 29.95 per month


The premium plan allows you to receive 120 items by post and parcels with the ability to open and scan 20 items.

The premium prices for the various addresses are:

Basic – $ 19.95 per month
Preferred – $ 24.95 per month
Prestigious – $ 34.95 per month


How to Purchase Business Address from PostScan Mail

How to Purchase US Business Address from PostScan Mail we divided this process into step by step guide:

Purchase US Number:

I prefer you to use US Numbers for buying US business addresses from PostScanMail. There are many US number-providing companies, but I recommend you purchase a US virtual number from Vyke. Vyke will give you a US virtual number for a year that costs $3.99.


Select Location:

PostScan Mail maintains a nationwide network of over 400 virtual business addresses. PostScan Mail offers virtual business addresses in all major cities of the united states.

Create Account:

Now you will create an account on PostScan Mail. You will provide your name, Valid email address, US Phone Number (Which you purchase from Vyke), Company name if you have one.

Create account

Select Your Plan:

If you purchase a business address from PostScan Mail through my affiliate link, you will get a free business address for the first month. After the first month, you will charge according to the plan you choose. We discuss PostScan Mail at the beginning of the article.


Place Order

While placing an order, you will provide your address, where are you live, and your payment details.

US Business Address

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