Do you want to create something meaningful? Why not become a blogger? Why not start a blog? After reading what comes to your mind is how to start a successful blog so you should follow our full guide about how to start a successful blog.

Blogging is a very popular source of passive income now. You can know that many people call themselves bloggers. If you want to become one of them and bring your views to the internet and spread knowledge, this Micahguru Blog is perfect for you. This Micahguru Blog teaches you how to create and start using a blog, both in general and using specific platforms like WordPress and Blogger.


Start a blog for free in 8 Easy and Simple Steps:

1. Choose an ideal blog niche.
2. Pick a domain name.
3. Purchase Web Hosting for your site.
4. Install WordPress.
5. Choose a responsive blog theme.
6. Create amazing content.
7. Optimize your blog content.
8. Monetize your blog.

1. Choose Blog Niche

To start a blog for free and start work as a blogger, you need to select the ideal niche for your blog.

First of all, make sure you select a niche that you have the most interest in and an idea or research about it.
Second, you need to make sure that there is a good number of audience interest in your selected niche – topics that people are looking for.

This way, you will fulfill your interest, find an audience that read your articles and celebrate your blogging journey.

Once you have chosen a niche, I recommend you analyze it as well. Below is a 3-step procedure for confirming your blog for success.

Blog success validation process:

1. Check the size of your niche.
2. Explore the competition.
3. Analyze the potential for monetization.

This method will help you give a realistic idea of ​​the size, monetization, and competition capability of your niche. If you don’t know how to choose and assess your blog niche, examine our instep guide.

2. Pick a Domain Name

Your domain name is your identity in the online world. This is how your readers will find you and know your brand. This is exactly why you should prefer something that recognizes your brand and makes it simpler for people to find your brand on the Internet.

However, you are independent to choose your domain name. You can choose any name you prefer, as long as it is available and not registered by other businesses.

Since we love all free stuff, you can register your domain for free by subscribing to a web host.

3. Purchase Web Hosting

Several companies provide web hosting services and bunches of web hosting providers that allow you to register a free domain name.

Recommended: Bluehost.

This web hosting provider is solid, beginner-friendly, reliable reasonable, and provides you a domain name for free of cost.

Let’s also not ignore that Bluehost is one of the limited companies suggested on the official page.


As you’re launching a website for the first time I suggest you select the cheapest plan “Basic” and get yourself a part of the internet.

Register Your Domain:

Once you choose your subscription plan, Bluehost will beg you to arrange and register your domain name.

You will see two choices here:

  1. Create a new domain
  2. Use a domain you own

You must then provide your personal data to create your account.

When you scroll down you will see the Package Extras section. Be sure to mark only the fields that you think are useful for your website.

Once you’re done, click Submit to complete your purchase.

4. Install WordPress

Self-hosted WordPress is one of the decent blog platforms for new bloggers.

Login WP

The good news is this if you used Bluehost then Bluehost automatically one-click installs WordPress exactly from your hosting dashboard.

5. Choose a responsive Blog theme

There are a bunch of attractive and eye-catching free WordPress themes to select from, including free blog themes.

Inner the WordPress dashboard, under the “Appearance” tab, click “Themes”. You will be proposed some popular choices. You can click on the Themes button and search for free themes in WordPress There are additional three thousand themes accessible on WordPress.

Some popular of them are following

1. Neve
2. OceanWP
3. Astra
4. Writee
5. Elegant themes
6. Lovecraft
7. Olsen Light
8. Hemingway

So far, you’ve organized a domain name, selected your blog hosting provider, organize a blog theme, and you are willing to go. Your bracket is complete.

Now reaches the time of truth and you can begin blogging. You have to understand how to compose your first blog post. On the internet, any valuable knowledge you share with your initial readers is said to be “content”. It should be something of significance that people need to interact with and get back to for more.

WordPress is developed in such a manner that you can publish your content in the form of posts and pages

6. Create Amazing content

Since you start publishing articles (everyday writing) to your blog, be confident to fill any significant static pages with content (like contact, About Us, etc.). Let’s examine these types of pages.

Remember my words “Content is King”

Image Source

Compose your first blog post:

Creating blog posts in WordPress is nearly the same as building pages. WordPress allows you to select tags and categories while creating a blog.

Marveling how to write excellent blog posts? It’s pretty simple.

Here is a simple 3 step technique to creating incredible content, are as following

1. Point: State the main idea of ​​the blog topic you are covering.
2. Demonstration: Give an example of the suggestion you are discussing.
3. Remember: give a simple way to implement the idea.

Next, I will discuss how to optimize your content for search engines.

(Recommendation: I prefer you to use Grammarly to avoid grammar mistakes and upgrade your writing skills)

7. Optimize your blog content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the procedure that website holders use to obtain better traffic to your website from search engines (for example, Google).

SEO influences by many different techniques and strategies. As a blogger, you will have to get aware of these. I was not be talking to you about any advanced procedures. You will have to fulfill the following for every blog post.

SEO analytics optimization desktop dashboard blue flat design.

Recommendation: (I prefer you to use Semrush it is one of the best tools for Keyword Research is used ever)

Keyword optimization:

This is the process of selecting and researching the right bundle of keywords that you feel the audience will write in a search to find data online.

Keyword optimization performs the main role of search engine optimization. Keyword optimization is performed for any blog post like brain work for the human body.

It’s necessary to select the main keywords (and suitable words) that you prefer to target make sure that you include the main keyword (and suitable words) within your blog post. This way it will be simpler for search engines to understand. After following steps carefully you have a better chance to rank your blog in search results.

8. Monetize your blog and Make Money

You should remember that blogging is not just about earning money. It is about generating valuable content and writing blogs that will attract readers and keep them reaching back for more.

When beginning in blog, consider creating content that will earn you future profit.

Come to the point, how can you make money from blogging? There are various choices available, but below I will reflect you the valid ways to make money from blogging:

Make Money

1. Running ads on your blog:

There are perfect possibilities for you to post ads on your blog. Whatever your niche, you can opt for ads specific to what you write or ads that simply serve your advertiser’s goals better.

Google Adsense,, and Adversal are some of the best popular choices for blog ads.

2. Joining in affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are ways of associating with companies to promote their products and advantage from successfully managing sales through a commission.

Some things that you require to evaluate when joining affiliate programs:

The number of affiliate sales will strongly depend on the audience you have. You need to be likely sufficient for your visitors to click on your links. You may want to evaluate placing a notice on your Terms of conditions page that you use affiliate links in your blog. Some popular platforms on the Internet offer affiliate programs if you want to get begun, such as Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Shareasale, and ClickBank.

3. Selling your product and services

If you are imaginative and ambitious, you could assess using your blog as a platform for selling your products and services. This is a great option extremely as your blog rises in authority, popularity, and readership.

Above are the most important options to earn money. However, there are furthermore ways to monetize your blog.

After reading our full guide (how to start a successful blog) you are ready to start your own blog and start generating valuable content and monetize it and earning a good amount of money.