Are you thinking of forming an LLC in the US but unsure which service will fit your business needs?

There are many options that can help you launch and run your business in the US more efficiently. IncFile and ZenBusiness are two of them.

IncFile and ZenBusiness are both leading companies in the US incorporation industry. Still, it’s difficult to say which one is better because both have provided outstanding services to their customers for years.

This handy guide will walk you through the five factors to consider before choosing one of these services. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the features of ZenBusiness and Incfile to determine which will be best for your business.

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Factors of Comparison 

IncFile and ZenBusiness are both worth your while, but you should consider the following factors before choosing one over the other:

  1. Pricing & Features
  2. Track Record & Experience
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Time Required for Formation
  5. Customer Support

Incfile vs ZenBusiness (Pricing & Features)

ZenBusiness offers a complete suite of company formation services at affordable prices. ZenBusiness offers a one-year service of registered agents, bookkeeping, and accounting.

ZenBusiness also offers a Pro plan which includes Expedite Filing Service, a federal tax ID number (EIN), a yearly report, and Worry-Free Compliance. It’s also a great deal.

Incfile is free for the first year. It has a variety of services for forming a business. Our Incorporation or LLC service will get you started on the right path to forming your business. For only $119 a year, Incfile provides a registered agent service for the first year after you incorporate or form an LLC. After the first year, Incfile will continue as your registered agent service for $119 per year, which is very affordable.

In addition, their Gold package is for $149, and the Platinum package is for $299; both have come with expensive features that make them great options.

Winner🥇= ZenBusiness

It is very challenging to announce ZenBusiness as the winner of this contest of ZenBusiness vs. Incfile. Still, I think ZenBusiness is a better option than Incfile in terms of Pricing and Features. I know you think that why we pay $39 to ZenBusiness when Incfile provides the same at no cost. 

But, I believe ZenBusiness offers some extra features for $39. The premium plans of ZenBusiness offers are much more valuable than Incfile; that’s why I suggest going with ZenBusiness compared to Incfile.

Incfile vs ZenBusiness (Track Record & Experience)

ZenBusiness is a young company in the industry. ZenBusiness was founded in 2015, But going to his young age is our delusion; they formed more than a thousand businesses and have a goal to create 1 million companies in the upcoming five years. 

When we talk about customer reviews, ZenBusiness shines because ZenBusiness has a lot of feedback available on its website, and most of them are five stars. 

Since 2004, Incfile has formed over 250,000 businesses. The company’s customer reviews are the most important stability for them, as they have thousands of happy clients across the globe and just a tiny number of bad feedback.

Winner🥇= Incfile

When we talk about the experience and track record of both companies. Incfile has a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs form their businesses—it has established itself as an industry leader since 2004 and has helped more than 250,000 business owners form their businesses.

Incfile vs ZenBusiness (Ease of Use)

Filing for an LLC with ZenBusiness is fast and straightforward. First, you must select a package that matches your business needs; then, you can fill out the order form to give them your individual and business information.

When you go through the Incfile registration process, we personalize your experience based on the state you live in and the type of business you want to establish. There are even hyperlinks to help you learn more about a specific question or entry on the form.

You can see them if you want to browse additional products, but we don’t recommend them. Your total price is calculated as you go through the checkout process. There are never any surprises with Incfile.

It’s a tie!

ZenBusiness and Incfile both have websites. Both are easy to use and user-friendly, which shows that the quality of their services is also tied.

Incfile vs ZenBusiness (Time Required for Formation)

ZenBusiness has a processing time that depends on the state you select and also depends on your plan, which you selected. If you choose Zen’s Premium package, your formation processing speed is faster than if you decide Zen’s Starter package. To check your Company formation processing time, select your state and see your Company formation processing time on their website.

Incfile guarantees that your corporation or LLC will be processed and sent to its state within the same business day. More than just completing business filings, Incfile allows you to request expedited state processing for an additional fee (determined by your state), or you can purchase their Platinum package, which includes expedited service.

Winner🥇= Incfile

I’m not too fond of Zen business in this category of ZenBusiness because their formation speed depends on how much money you spend on their platform. Thus, because of this one reason, I prefer Incfile over ZenBusiness.

Incfile vs ZenBusiness (Customer Support)

Customer support is a defining factor in the success of an organization. If a company has a helpful customer service department and a solid track record of resolving customers’ problems, the chances of its success are high. We reviewed both companies’ customer service to determine which was superior.

ZenBusiness offers customer support through phone or email, or the online chat on their website. We tested all three options, and I connected with friendly and well-informed people who could answer all of our complex inquiries.

ZenBusiness customer support team answered my email in less than one business day and on a phone or live chat in less than 5 minutes.

Incfile provides customer support by phone and email. We called them to ask a question. The person who answered the phone was courteous, helpful, and professional. Later, we sent an email but received a response after 12 hours. However, the reply was more detailed than their initial phone call.

It’s a tie!

When it comes to customer support, both ZenBusiness and Incfile have very skilled teams working on providing the best service possible. I think this contest is a tie.

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We have highlighted five factors that you should look at before selecting any incorporation service.

Based on our experience with both services, I think Zenbusiness has a slight edge over Incfile.

If you are a business owner looking for a fast, affordable, and reliable LLC formation service, I would suggest you go with ZenBusiness.