The cost of LLC annual fees per state differs widely from state to state, depending on state requirements. In addition to the one-time filing fees that you pay to the state to form your LLC, you need to pay the state an ongoing fee to keep your LLC up to date. It is essential to know the annual LLC fees you require to pay to form and manage an LLC in your selected state.

LLC Annual Fees by State

A limited liability company, LLC is one of the most popular entity options for many businesses due to its efficiency, tax flexibility, and personal asset protection. The LLC Annual Fees changes by state and may includes the formation of state fees, name registration fees, and reservation fees, in addition to continuing LLC Annual Fees.

LLC Annual Fees

LLC Formation Fees

To form a Limited Liability Company, articles of organization (also known as certificate of organization, articles of formation, or certificate of formation. In some states) must be filed with a state agency (usually the Secretary of State). The fees of filing articles of incorporation for a Limited Liability Company costs between $50 and $500.

Before applying, you must make sure that the company’s name is available for registration, as each company must have a unique name.

In addition to the different LLC filing fees, you may sustain service fees if you use a company formation or a business lawyer to establish your LLC. Many LLC formation companies provide free services, giving new Startups owners further comfort when filing for their LLC.

In addition to the LLC Annual Fees, you may need to consider several other filing costs and requirements for setting up an LLC.

How much does it cost to incorporate in each state?

If you are looking for forming limited Liability Company (LLC) in your state. you will need to pay two types of charges: 

  1. Start-up fee
  2. Ongoing fee

Start-up fee includes the filing fee and the state LLC’s service fee. The initial costs to form an LLC may include the following services:

  1. Hire a lawyer to file Certificate of Formation and Article of Association.
  2. Create an operating agreement that defines how your company will handle its business and share profits and losses among partners.
  3. Publish a formation statement in newspapers.
  4. Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The cost of LLC annual fees per state differs widely from state to state and may change at any time.

StateFiling FeeRecurring Fees
Alabama$200$10 Annual Report
$100 Annual Privilege Tax (minimum)
Alaska$250$100 (every 2 years)
Arizona$50 (plus publishing costs)$0 (report due annually)
Arkansas$45 online, $50 by mail$150 Franchise Tax Report (annually)
California$70$800 – Franchise Tax (annually)
$20 – Statement of Information (annually)
Colorado$50$10 (annually)
Connecticut$120$80 (annually)
Delaware$90$300 Franchise Tax (annually)
Florida$125$138.75 (annually)
Georgia$100$50 (annually)
Hawaii$50$15 (annually)
Idaho$100$0 (report due annually)
Illinois$150$75 (annually)
Indiana$95 online, $100 by mailBiennial report – $32 online, $50 by mail
Iowa$50$60 (biennial report)
Kansas$160 online, $165 by mail$55 (annually)
Kentucky$40$15 (annually)
Louisiana$100$30 (annually)
Maine$175$85 (annually)
Maryland$100$300 (annually)
Massachusetts$500$500 (annually)
Michigan$50$25 (annually)
Minnesota$155 online, $135 by mail$0 (report due annually)
Mississippi$50$0 (report due annually)
Missouri$50 (online), $105 (mail)$0
Montana$70$20 (annually)
Nebraska$105$10 (biennial report)
Nevada$75, plus $150 for the initial list of officers$150 Annual List of Members & Managers
New Hampshire$100$100 (annually)
New Jersey$125$75 (annually)
New Mexico$50$0
New York$200 (plus publishing costs)$9 (biennially)
North Carolina$125$200 (annually)
North Dakota$135$50 (annually)
Oklahoma$100$25 (annually)
Oregon$100$100 (annually)
Pennsylvania$125 (plus publishing costs)$70 (decennial report)
Rhode Island$150$50 (annually)
South Carolina$110$0
South Dakota$150$50 (annually)
Tennessee$300 (minimum)$300 (minimum)
Texas$300$0 report
Franchise Tax
Vermont$125$35 (annually)
Virginia$100$50 (annually)
Washington$200$60 (annually)
West Virginia$100$25 (annually)
Wisconsin$130 (online), $170 (mail)$25 (annually)
Wyoming$100 (mail), $102 (online)$50 minimum (annually)