When you form a Limited Liability Company (LLC), unless you are the sole owner, you’ll need to decide how the business will be managed. Commonly, a member managed LLC involves all the members of the business in the management of the company. 

Alternatively, if there is more than one member of your business, you can opt for a manager-managed LLC, where selected members or outsiders take on the responsibility for running the company.

What is a Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company (“LLC” or “L.L.C.”) is an increasingly common business model in the United States, with over two-thirds of all new businesses and companies choosing this structure. 

Owning a company that has LLC status offers many benefits. For instance, it offers high-level protection of your business’s assets, minimizes taxes, is easy to manage and maintain, and is inexpensive compared to other business types.

How is an LLC Managed

Before we jump into the difference between Member-managed and Manager-managed LLC, it would be good to know what LLC management is.

A Limited Liability Company can have one or more owners. If you are a single owner, then you don’t have to select between member management or manager management. You are automatically in control of all management decisions but if your LLC has multiple owners or investors, then your group will need to collectively manage the company or elect a manager.

What is Member Managed LLC

In a member-managed limited liability company (LLC), management control rests with the owners of the LLC which are referred to as its “members.” 

These members make decisions by voting. In some cases, they may have an equal vote, while in others, their votes might be weighted based on the size of their ownership stake.

For instance, if one partner owns 60 percent of the LLC, he or she will have twice as much say as a partner who owns 30 percent of the LLC.

Best For

If you and your partner are eager to be actively involved in the day-to-day operation, you should go for Member Managed LLC.

For example, You start an ecommerce store with your friend. You want to be involved with launching and running the store, and your friend likes to handle marketing. Since both you and your partner are actively involved in managing the business. In this case, Member Managed LLC is the best choice.

Member Managed LLC

What is Manager Managed LLC

A manager-managed Limited Liability Company (LLC) is governed by members who elect a manager and multiple managers to make many daily business decisions.

Your LLC manager also called an agent of your LLC is empowered to make quick, binding decisions on behalf of your business. The members have ultimate authority over some issues, such as dissolving an LLC.

Best For

Manager Managed LLC is best for investors can hire managers to run their LLC when they don’t have the time or expertise to run it themselves. If investors are passive investors (meaning they own a piece of a business but do not want to manage it), they will vote for other people to be the LLC’s managers.

Manager Managed LLC

Which One is Best?

It’s up to you and your partners to decide which works best for you. 

If the members of a company want to be involved in the management of the company, then the Member Managed LLC is the best choice.

But if the members of the company do not have the time or the ability to manage the company then they should hire a manager.


This guide is intended to help you better understand the differences between manager-managed and member-managed LLCs.

We hope you find this guide useful, whether you are a novice or experienced in financial advising.

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