What is Trademark

A symbol, phrase, slogan, or logo is legally established or registered by use as serving a product or company. 

A trademark is how a business helps people identify the company’s products from products offered by another business. A trademark can be a symbol, phrase, slogan, or logo. It can only be used on items provided by the company that owns the mark.

Register Your Trademark

Purpose of a Trademark

The primary purpose of Register Your Trademark is to avoid unfair conflict between businesses that make consumers difficulty to get more business. For example, if a specific restaurant used the word “KFC” in shape as a logo. The “KFC” is a trademark of this restaurant so that any company cannot be able to use it as a symbol or logo in the future.

The two primary purposes of a trademark:

  • A trademark helps peoples differentiate between companies.
  • A trademark protects the company’s investment and reliability.
Register Your Trademark

Importance of trademark

Trademark is having much importance for your business. Nowadays, trademarks have a significant influence on a company. Trademark is one of the effective ways of changing your business into a brand. Trademarks are also having a considerable impact on Consumers’ buying decisions.

Entrepreneurs need to understand the value and importance of having a trademark. The top reasons behind the importance of trademark are as following:

  • Trademarks can convey rational and emotional information about your business.
  • When someone is looking for your products and services, he enters your brand name in Google or Social Media Platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Brands can encourage positive emotions among people. For that reason, job opportunities are more attractive to applicants.
  • Nowadays, markets have a lot of competition, so it is challenging for people to distinguish between companies. Trademark helps people find your brand.
  • Pepsi was first registered in 1896 as similar to Mercedes in 1900, which means your trademark can not expire as long as your business is active in the United States.
Register Your Trademark

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Trademark?

Now you are well aware of the importance of registering a trademark for your business. Some people yet no idea about the cost of a trademark application. But it totally depends on the Trademark Registration Services you can select. The United States Patent and trademark office charges as low as $275 to register a trademark for your business, only some hundred dollars after five years, and a few hundred dollars every ten years.

How to Register Your Trademark?

If you want to register your trademark to protect your business name, logo, or slogan from your competitors, this guide will assist you How to Register Your Trademark Step by Step:

Checking eligibility of product or service for registration

Most candidates base their U.S. application on their prevailing use of the trademark in business or their order to use it in business in the future. What is “use in business”?

To receive federal registration, “business” implies all business that the U.S. Congress may legally monitor, such as domestic trade or trade between the U.S. and different countries. 

There are two cases where it is pleasant:

For goods: The trademark have-to appeared on the goods or shows connected with the goods, and the goods have to be sold or transported in business.

For services, the trademark has to be used or shown in the advertising or sale of the services, and the benefits have to be presented in business.

Determine Trademark Type

You can apply to register your trademark as a standard character trademark or a particular form trademark. The type you choose affects your scope of protection.

You can apply a standard character trademark to register your brand—the type you highly impact on your security and protection.

Search & Clear The Trademark

Before you apply for trademark protection, you require to ensure that your trademark is unique. This means searching for someone else who hasn’t already registered or used a brand similar to yours.

If someone else has already done so, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can deny your request due to the possibility of confusion between your mark and the other mark. It is the initial step to register your trademark.

Identify Your Goods or Services

You can get the help of the Trademark ID Manual to classify and recognize what goods or services you want to sell. The number of product or service types you have available influences the cost of your application.

Once you submit your first application, you will not be able to increase the extent of your products or services. You can only limit or delete them.

Understand your filing basis

A legal or lawful basis for applying to register a trademark federally is known as a filing basis. You have to stipulate your application which filing cause you are using, such as “use in business” or “order to use in business,” and coincide the requirements for the reason you have chosen. 

Choose your application form

For applying, you have to use the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) to finish the primary application. The application form has two filing choices:

  1. TEAS Plus 
  2. TEAS Standard

Costs vary among filing options because the filing options have a various number of up-front requirements. You can pay by credit or debit card through the current United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) deposit account or electronic payment methods.

Final Thoughts

All these steps involve preparing and presenting a trademark application that can be completed without the help of an expert. Still, suppose you have not much idea how to register a trademark.

It can be complicated for you to complete this task but don’t worry; various companies offer Trademark Registration Services, which can help you in trademark registration.