ZenBusiness was founded in 2015, so it’s only been around for six years, and so Rafael Lopez founded the company and had it based out of Austin Texas. 

It has helped over 80,000 people form LLCs, which is exceptional in a large number to have served that many people in such a limited amount of time.

Zenbusiness review

ZenBusiness Customer service

Customer service across the board hands down ZenBusiness is better than almost any other formation service regarding availability. 

They are available Monday through Friday from 8 am central time to 8 pm central time, so that’s a long time window, So let’s say you get off work if you do have a job balancing a business at the same time.

They also have availability on Sundays so they are available from 10 am to 7 pm central time on Sundays you don’t know how valuable this is especially if you have a job to have that Sunday availability to reach out to.

ZenBusiness has great reviews on Trustpilot, they have 4.8 stars out of over 7000 reviews on Trustpilot which shows that customers are satisfied.

Fast Turnaround Times

According to customer reviews of ZenBusiness, ZenBusiness takes a few business days to form its business entities.

A customer of ZenBusiness reports that his business was filled within two business days during a pandemic.

ZenBusiness Pricing

ZenBusiness basically offers three packages and so I’m going to hop in and show you the prices and go into detail regarding what they offer in each package, and so just to give an overview.

They have the starter, the pro, and the premium package so let’s hop into it $39 for the starter, Pro is $149, and the premium is $249.

Sometimes ago ZenBusiness offers three packages the starter, the pro, and the premium package. They charge $39 for the starter, $149 for the pro, and $249 for the premium.

Now ZenBusiness allows you to create your own package about your requirements. How to form an LLC by ZenBusiness. This guide will help you to create your own package about your requirements and form an LLC by ZenBusiness.

Pros and Cons of Choosing ZenBusiness

Let’s come to some Pros and Cons of Choosing ZenBusiness.

Pros of Choosing ZenBusiness

The customer service of the zen business by far is outstanding compared to the rest, and, then the worry-free compliance not a lot of the other formation services offer you that.

Every state is going to require you to file some form of an annual report, and so Zen Business takes care of that for you, and so it’s just one less thing to worry about because those 80 reports will come up and, you do have to be compliant with the state. 

If you’re not compliant, the state does have a right to close your business or at least take away your asset protection, which you don’t want any of that to happen, and so Zen Business does offer that worry-free compliance.

Cons of Choosing ZenBusiness

For the cons, I would say that they don’t have as good of a bank relationship as the other formation services, and so they are in business does charge you to have a relationship with the third party bank that they associate with, they charge you money versus the other formation services they will give you like a 500 perk through that third party.

If you meet those qualifications for having your business bank account, and so I would say that that’s one large drawback in comparison to the other formation services.

Another drawback that I would say is that the business is constantly trying to upsell you, and I know that with them having more affordable prices than some of the other formation services, I would definitely say that it’s inconvenient and not very nice to see constantly a company wanting to upsell.

The Bottom-line

This guide is the finest review of Zenbusiness. In this in-depth guide, I am telling you all about Zenbusiness their Customer service, Turnaround Times, and pricing. I also include some Pros and Cons of Choosing ZenBusiness.

Considering all things, ZenBusiness is the best formation service. hope you find this guide helpful.