ZenBusiness vs Incfile Which One is Best for Company Formation in 2021

Written by Hasham Usman

October 3, 2021

If you need to start a limited liability company in the United States, but you are entirely unaware of the process of Company Formation, don’t be worried; many companies are available online which help you in your company formation. 

Many companies are providing company formation services. Today I will compare two well-known companies from all of these service providers. Today I reviewed ZenBusiness vs Incfile, which one is best for company formation.

ZenBusiness and Incfile are two well-known companies in this business, but it ultimately depends on your business needs which one is fit for you. There are a lot of companies that provide excellent company formation services; you should also read a review of Swyft Filings vs IncFile

In this in-depth review of ZenBusiness vs Incfile, I mostly recommended ZenBusiness over Incfile, But that doesn’t mean that Incfile is not a good service provider. This review depends on my experience with both service providers. 

ZenBusiness vs Incfile

Factors of Comparison 

We have made this comprehensive comparison of ZenBusiness vs Incfile, keeping in mind five factors. 

  1. We compared pricing and features.
  2. We investigated their track record and experience.
  3. We reviewed the quality of customer service.
  4. We assessed their ordering process and service’s reliability.
  5. We tested how much time is required for registering LLC online.

Now you know that ZenBusiness and IncFile both are the best and well-known Company Formation Services; it is pretty challenging to rank anyone over other, but ZenBusiness has a slight advantage over IncFile because ZenBusiness offers sone extra features than IncFile.

Pricing and Features

If you are looking for a Company Formation Service provider with comprehensive service at a low price, ZenBusiness is the single option in this industry. ZenBusiness offers company formation with a one-year register agent service, including an accounting assessment. 

ZenBusiness also offers a Pro plan which includes Expedite Filing Service, a federal tax ID number (EIN), yearly report, and Worry-Free Compliance. It’s also a great deal.

Incfile is free for the first year. It is one of the best LLC filling services we have seen. Along with this variety of features with an Incorporation or LLC service, Incfile will help you in company formation for your business; Incfile also provides a registered agent service for the first year. After the first year, the registered agent service will continue for $119 per year, which is very affordable. 

In addition, their Gold package is for $149, and the Platinum package is for $299; both have come with expensive features that make them great options.

It is very challenging to announce ZenBusiness as the winner of this contest of ZenBusiness vs Incfile . Still, I think ZenBusiness is a better option than Incfile in Pricing and Features. I know you think that why we pay $39 to ZenBusiness when Incfile provides the same at no cost. But, I believe ZenBusiness offers some extra features for $39. The premium plans of ZenBusiness offered are much more valuable than Incfile; that’s why I suggest going with ZenBusiness compared to Incfile.

Company Record and Experience

ZenBusiness is a young company in the industry. ZenBusiness was founded in 2015, But going to his young age is our delusion; ZenBusiness has formed more than a thousand businesses and having a goal to create 1 million companies in the upcoming five years. 

When we talk about customer reviews, ZenBusiness shines because ZenBusiness has a lot of feedbacks available on their website, and most of them are five stars. 

Incfile has formed over 250,000 businesses since 2004. Customer reviews are the most important stability for them, as they have thousands of happy clients across the globe and just a small number of bad feedback.

Let’s talk about the experience and track record of both companies. In this contest of ZenBusiness vs Incfile, ZenBusiness has a clear swipe over Incfile because Incfile was founded in 2004, and for this long duration, they formed more than 250,000 businesses.

Customer support

Customer support is the pillar behind the companies growth. If a company has a good customer support team, the chances of companies growth are high. We reviewed both company’s customer service.

ZenBusiness offers customer support through phone or email or the online chat on their website. We tested all three options, and I connected with friendly and well-informed people who could answer all of our complex inquiries.

ZenBusiness customer support team answered my email in less than one business day and on a phone or live chat in less than 5 minutes.

Incfile provides customer support via phone call, email. We tested their customer support by calling them; our call was answered quickly; we also emailed them. They responded to our question after 12 hours, but this answer was more detailed than they delivered in a phone call.

If we talk about Customer support, both companies have a good Customer support Team, and both companies are pretty similar in this category of ZenBusiness vs Incfile . I think this contest is indeed a draw.

Ease of Use

ZenBusiness company formation process is fast and easy. First, you require to select a package that matches your business needs then you can fill out the order form to give them your individual and business information.

As you go through the Incfile registration process, your steps are personalized based on the state you live in and the type of business you want to establish. There are even slight question marks and hyperlinks in the app to learn more about a specific question or entry on the form. 

There are upsells and third-party offers to browse, but if you go with one of them, your total price is immediately updated on the screen. There are never any surprises with Incfile.

ZenBusiness and Incfile both have websites. Both are easy to use and user-friendly, which shows that this category of ZenBusiness vs Incfile is also tie.

Time Required for Formation

ZenBusiness has a processing time that depends on the state you select and also depends on your plan, which you selected. It is clear if you choose Zen’s Premium package, your formation processing speed is faster than if you select Zen’s Starter package. To check your Company formation processing time, just select your state and see your Company formation processing time on their website.

Incfile makes you sure that your corporation or LLC will be processed and send to its state within the same business day. Many fillings service alternatives charge you some extra fee to get treatment the next day. If you need your business to take shape quickly, Incfile offers the option to request expedited state processing for an additional fee (determined by your state), or you can purchase their Platinum package which includes expedited service.

Personally, I don’t like Zen business in this category of ZenBusiness vs Incfile, because their speed of formation depends on how much money you spend on their platform so in this category I prefer Incfile over ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness vs Incfile

Final Thoughts

In this in-depth review of ZenBusiness vs Incfile, It is pretty challenging to prefer one company, but in my opinion, ZenBusiness is slightly better than Incfile.

ZenBusiness is a new company in the industry, but they provide invaluable services and formed more than a thousand businesses and having a goal to create 1 million companies in the upcoming five years.

So I prefer ZenBusiness over Incfile, If you are a new entrepreneur ZenBusiness is perfect for you.

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